South West Youth Communities (SYC) are the youth part of South West Baptist Church.

Each community is a vibrant, distinct bunch of young people which you can be a be part of!
SYC is for any intermediate and high school aged young person from school years 7 – 13 and is full of diversity and energy.

  • SYC Halswell draws on young people from a range of schools living in the Halswell area
  • SYC Horomaka is has a focus on the Hoon Hay, Hillmorton areas
  • SYC Kahukura focuses on the wider Cashmere, Barrington/Spreydon area
  • SYC Intermediates draw on all of South West Christchurch and wider, with Sunday morning and Friday programmes

People can get on board at whatever level they choose, from simply seeing the 24-7 YouthWorkers around school or locally to playing touch, going to camps, tramping, kayaking, going to youth groups or taking advantage of the dozens of mentoring groups.

We are young people and we’re here for young people, so come along, be yourself and enjoy!

Our Youth Groups run at several times and places during the week. They are led by a team of quality leaders and they are geographically aligned.

If you have any queries or would like information on upcoming events please contact one of our Youth Pastors.