At South West Baptist Church, we encourage senior members of our community to participate in all facets of our community and church life – they have a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom. You too can be included in this extremely valuable part of our church family.

New Horizons is a group of primarily seniors (all ages are welcome!) from the Spreydon community who enjoy meeting regularly for gatherings, outings and further education opportunities.

Cobham Street Trust A secure living environment for independent seniors with limited resources.

Keep Active is a fun, social setting for anyone to help maintain or improve their fitness.

Foot Clinic Clinics operate at both our Lyttelton St and Balcairn St sites. One is held three-weekly on Wednesday mornings at our Balcairn St site. The second meets on the third Monday of the month at Cobham Hall.

Please contact us with your queries or suggestions via the church office phone. We love to hear from you!

Lidwina Clarke
03 3384163 ext 223