Pastoral Care

Care at South West Baptist Church mainly comes from people supporting one another in their local geographical communities and lifegroups.

Our vision is that people are part of thriving local communities where they can find belonging, spiritual nurturing, and support, especially during periods of challenge, grief and loss.

At South West Baptist ‘pastoral care’ describes all the ways we encourage active mutual care for each other to deepen our relationships to God, each other, ourselves and the world. Pastoral care flows out of a partnership with God’s work of transforming grace and redemption. At South West we believe this partnership comes from being attentive to God through prayer and the scriptures, by encouraging each other to nurture faith and heal what is broken, and through the intentional inviting of the truth and power of the coming Kingdom of God. Our hope at South West Baptist is that we live out a love for each other that resembles the love God has for us…

Go to the lost, confused people right here in your neighborhood. Tell them that the Kingdom is here. Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead, touch the untouchable. Kick out the demons. You have been treated generously, so live generously.
Matthew 10:6 (Message)

To support this, there is a small team of specialty pastoral carers who provide expertise and support for the pastoral care work at South West Baptist. They seek to help equip the body of Christ to care for each other. When professional advice is needed or circumstances require specialist input, the pastoral care team’s role is to help link these carers with the resources available. For example, we have relationships with trusted professional counsellors and mental health professionals. We also have a range of ministries and individuals who support people in their relationships through marriage courses, social singles, divorce care courses, pre-marriage counselling, etc.

At our Sunday gatherings, team members wearing orange nametags are available to provide pastoral care.

Our pastoral care team support the South West Baptist vision by;

  • Developing faith and discipleship. Living as ‘God’s beloved’ – Going deeper with God
  • Increasing our individual ability to care for each other (inclusion, hospitality, forgiveness) and to be a part of relationships that nurture and sustain – going deeper with ourselves
  • Growing collectively in our love for each other, resembling the love Christ has for us – going deeper with each other
  • Living by the values of the Kingdom rather than the world’s. Responding to the cry of the poor, locally and globally – going deeper with the world

Not sure who to contact? Send an email to pastoral care and they will ring you and help you work out the next step.

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