South West Underground

According to Open Doors, over one hundred million Christians suffer from interrogation, arrest and even death for their faith in Jesus the Messiah. Millions more face discrimination and alienation.

‘More than two hundred million people in over sixty nations are being denied their basic human rights for one reason only: they are Christians. The main reason Christians are being persecuted today is the simple fact that Christianity is growing fastest in countries where human rights are being violated or do not exist.’
Source: Candelin J (2008). The Persecution of Christians Today from here.  Downloaded 7 November 2009.

South West Underground supports persecuted Christians through prayer and providing material support.  Our principal activities include;

  • A monthly prayer meeting: Usually the first Monday in every month except January.
  • A monthly prayer newsletter distributed by email.
  • Running writer’s clubs where Christians can learn to write encouraging letters to imprisoned Christians abroad or letters of appeal to Government Authorities.

Volunteer information

  • We need people to pray, many of our members can’t make it to the prayer meeting, but have made the commitment to stop and prayer for a couple of minutes when they receive our emailed newsletter.  Receive our newsletter and find out what’s happening and what to pray for.
  • We need lawyers to help with developing pro bono applications for refugee status.
  • We also need funders who are prepared to participate in an emergency on-call support fund for Christians needing immediate financial support because they are in clear and present danger abroad.
  • We need anyone who is interested in missions and working with new believers who have recently arrived from another country. Isolation and poverty are the key sources of discouragement for these new believers.
  • If you are organising a social event, such as a tramp or a soccer game or a BBQ suitable for 25 – 45 year olds, you can help.
  • We need people who have a gift and/or qualifications for working amongst those suffering from depression due to cultural and social dislocation.
  • If you are running a house group, we can come and speak about what God is doing amongst persecuted believers abroad and in our city.
  • If you like Middle Eastern baking and would like to buy a $20 mixed platter for an event you are planning, then you can help.

If the Spirit leads you to, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

03 3384163