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For the past twenty years there has been a significant outreach to Internationals from South West Baptist Church, (formerly Spreydon Baptist Church). This initially was through the Spreydon English Language Centre and carries on through a vibrant group called Rice Cube and our English Classes.

In these groups we have focussed on teaching English using the Bible as the basic text. Our Bible study materials were written by Marjorie Robertson who, unable to find suitable materials, decided the best
solution was to write them herself. She adapted an approach used in American materials, “Adventures in English,” put out by International Network. The studies are prepared for use with the Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the Bible. All the studies have been used in the classes and found to be effective.

Christian based materials to help students understand the true significance of Christmas and Easter have also been produced. These materials are: “Easter – Holidays and Holy Days,” and “What’s Christmas all about?”

Marj graduated from Canterbury University with a B.Sc. She retrained as an English as a Second Language teacher, completing her Dip SLT from Massey University in 1998. In the years following she has had
extensive experience teaching groups using these materials.

These resources are available on CD enabling people to print the materials as required.

Christmas and Easter resources
“What’s Christmas all about?” and “Easter – Holidays and Holy Days”

CD of these materials   $10.00

Bible Studies – Elementary and Intermediate level
1       In the Beginning – Five studies from Genesis 1 – 3

2       Jonah – Four studies

3       Joseph, God meant it for Good – Nine studies from Genesis. (Relevant chapters from Genesis (CEV) included in the text).

4       People who met Jesus – Twelve studies

5       Peter, a disciple of Jesus – Sixteen studies on the life of Peter

6       Ruth – Five studies

7       Sadness turns to Joy – Eight studies for Easter from Luke

8       Stories Jesus Told – Ten studies based on the parables

9       The Birth of Jesus – Five studies from Luke and Matthew

10     Who is Jesus? – Ten studies from John’s Gospel


CD of all ten studies – Elementary level                      $15.00

CD of all ten studies – Intermediate level                   $15.00

Both Bible Study CDs                                                     $25.00

Bible Studies – Intermediate and above level

1     Luke’s Story – fifty eight studies covering the whole of the Gospel of Luke

CD of all fifty eight studies                                            $15.00

Postage (for one or more CDs)                                    $5.00

Resources can be purchased from: Spacer50px Cheques made out to:
Marj Robertson Marjorie Robertson
98 A Warren Crescent Internet bank account number
Christchurch 8025 on request.