Engaged Couples

Marriage Preparation Course

The ‘Marriage Preparation Course’ is a 5-week DVD-based course for engaged couples. A manual is included with this course. The courses are normally run in March/April and August/September each year. The cost is $120, which includes the cost of doing the ‘Prepare’ questionnaire.

Please don’t let the cost be a barrier to attending as we have resources to assist if needed.

Our next course will start on Tuesday August 16, 2022.

Course Topics

Session 1: Communication
Topics include: learning to communicate; hindrances to good communication; how to listen

Session 2: Commitment
Topics include: expecting conflict, managing anger; accepting our differences; looking for solutions together; process for healing hurt

Session 3:
Resolving Conflict
Topics include: creating an equal partnership; the marriage covenant; dealing with finances; managing relationships with the wider family

Session 4: Keeping Love Alive
Topics include: spending time together; discovering your partner’s needs; building your sexual relationship

Session 5: Shared Goals and Values
Topics include: pulling in harmony; agreeing on your priorities; adventurers and nurturers

If you’re interested in coming, download our Registration Form.

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