Mental Health

At South West we are a community on a journey to be a redemptive community, not a community of the redeemed, so if you struggle in some areas of your life, welcome! Come live life with the rest of us!

We believe that finding a place to belong and a people to belong to, brings life, so we hope you link in with the South West local community closest to where you live.

To support our local communities, South West has ministries and support systems for people struggling with challenges arising from mental illness.
We have:

  • People who will pray with you (see Prayer Ministry)
  • Gatherings and services that are low key and allow people to journey with others living with mental illness (see Tuesday Christian Fellowship)
  • A group of experienced Christian counsellors we have partnered with to offer low cost / high quality counselling and treatment
  • Annual ‘Explore’ series which are workshops that focus on depression and despair, workshops on ‘seasons of faith
  • A referral system to two major mental health services in Christchurch, Sarona and Stepping Stone Trust both of which were “birthed” from South West Baptist Church
  • A team of specialist pastoral carers to support people in our local communities as they deal with life crises and illness
If you’re not sure who to contact, send us email and we will ring you and help you work out the next step