What’s Coming Up

Term 4 2017

Light of the World banner

October 22 – November 19

Helping kids to have tools they can use in their dark times. God’s light shines in r darkness, and we can be a shining light for others to see!

Week 1: Forgotten vs Belonging
Week 2: Fear vs Trust
Week 3: Getting Back vs Letting Go
Week 4: Guilt vs Forgiveness
Week 5: Hiding vs Shining

Christmas Community choir 

Community Choir AdvertThis year down at Southwest Baptist Church we are going to be having a Community Christmas choir for all ages and stages singing as part of 5&7pm Christmas Eve services! This is for anyone who loves carols, is part of our local communities or wants to come along and be part of something magical at Christmas! :) It’s been a great hit the last few years we’ve had it, and we had so many people turn up from littlies right up to older folk!

Flick us a line if you want to be involved!

CHRISTMAS for the city

A free Christmas event for the whole Family!