Values and Beliefs

Imagine the experience of reaching a mountaintop…  the sense of wonder and ‘wow’,  the new horizons and perspectives,  feelings of satisfaction and celebration.

Imagine the vital connection to the world, to God, to others and indeed ourselves.

These defining moments, memories and relationships help inspire and navigate the adventure of life.

Our goal is to create an environment that is:

A place where fun will be had and memories made
A place to make friends, bring friends and be surrounded by role models
A distinctive space where stories of the Bible help interpret life and shape values
A place to explore and engage their questions of life on their terms, and encounter in Jesus a living God who loves them
A place to inspire and set a course for life to the full



Every child is a child of God

They are beautiful, vital, valued and loved. They are a gift; they are the future; they are vulnerable

So …

  • It is vital that every child feels included, nurtured and cherished
  • We focus on holistic safety and development (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional)
  • We see children as part of the church, part of our communities, not to the side of it; a focus, and not a distraction
  • We empower them to make their own age-appropriate choices

2) Whanau is primary

Parents are the prime educators; home is the prime space of development and formation
Families come all shapes and sizes, none of them perfect, and all of them are brilliant and vulnerable at the same time!
So …
  • We need the parents on board to make Sunday School fly (and vice versa!)
  • We aspire to equip, resource and disciple parents and caregivers with the same intentionality that we have equipped and trained our volunteers

3) Villages raise children

Thriving woven communities grow resilient children and youth of character
This is where our relationships with God, ourselves, each other and the world are held together and are restored
So …
  • Sunday School is for everyone, families that normally are part of a church and those that are less familiar
  • We listen to our communities and serve in ways they need
  • We try reflect the diversity of our communities.  E.g. age, culture and backgrounds
  • Work in concert with the rest of a child’s week
4) God lives, God loves, God leads
God breathes life in to the world, He has shown his love in Jesus and His spirit is at work in the life of a child.
  • Share the love of Jesus like he did: by word, sign and deed
  • We have high expectations that God is involved in the life of a child
  • We engage with the bible
  • We love giving space for God and children to worship, pray and ponder
5) Sunday School supports
Sunday school is not ‘it’ we help ‘it’, in fact we are only part of supporting a child, their family and community
So ….
  • We aim to be a distinctive life giving support
  • We aim to provide a deliberate program that is delivered with excellence
  • We aim to provide opportunities for leadership, stretch horizons and help a child reach their potential
  • We aim to be relevant and applicable throughout the week, in their families, communities and the rest of their lives