Making the Most

How can parents make the most of Sunday School?

On Sunday….
– Be on time for all together worship, sit up front.
– Parents are welcome to stay in for the big idea
-Come regularly, it really really helps. Also bringing your children’s friends to Sunday school helps make it way more beneficial for everyone.
– If you need a break, have one in the holidays, our volunteers have one then too.

The holiday program is quality but simple. It usually has one of a number of DVD series that are designed for Sunday Schools around the world.
Eg Buck Denver’s “What’s in the bible”, or Torchlighters’ stories of missionaries lives. During the term it’s designed to have a roll on effect where one week builds on to another.

Mid – Week….
– Ask about what happened on Sunday, Test the memory verse. Read your email from the Sunday School team leaders.
– Get to know your children’s leader, get to know your child’s Sunday School mates and their parents. Come to the family events which are designed to facilitate exactly this.
– We want parents involved in the program. Especially Dads! We need an army of Dads to bring an x-factor to Sunday School. Anyone keen will need to go through the usual processes to be a volunteer leader.

How can neighbourhood communities make the most of Sunday School?
– Go to the same service together
– Bring children from your communities to Sunday School – bring your children’s friends to Sunday school
– We anticipate these mountain top experiences to ripple out into your communities – this can happen in a number of ways –through linking with the Cross Over Trust Primary Project and Localised Sport Project, Sharp after school programs, BBCT pre-schools, play groups and play gyms, music and movement, single mums.