Typical Sunday

Sunday School will involve these 5 key ingredients in various forms.

  1. All together worship – Being together across the ages is important. We want to ensure our children are being included with their little awesomeness shining as we celebrate with the rest of the church family.
  2. Big Idea – Lots of creative activities go into making an environment to engage the children, but each week there will be one big idea they all serve to communicate. On your way home, remember to ask your kids what they remembered and learnt – we hope it was the big idea! Parents are welcome to stay in during the big idea time and join in. You will see the use of video, drama, puppetry, games, music.
  3. Relating – There will always be time in small groups where the children build relationships. We have large team of trained volunteers who lead the various aged based groups. The groups are the same each week. Its vital that kids feel known, valued and have role models they can relate to
  4. Response – “Oh…!!”, “Wow…!!”, “Hmm…!!” These are sounds we’d love to hear each week. We want to have space each week for children to reflect, to respond, to interact with our living God who loves and leads them. Response space to reflect and to apply.
  5. Fellowship – Hanging out afterwards is all part of being part of our church family experience. It weaves relationships, creates memories and a sense of belonging. Feel free to hang around, it’s often more than a cup of tea 🙂