Primary on Sundays

For all primary school aged kids, we start together in the auditorium for a welcome and big idea after the first 15 minutes in Church. Simply head into the auditorium when the kids are released, and find your age group and leader (by looking for the coloured flag with your child’s year group on it) or if you are new head to the “New Persons” table at the entrance.

How the morning runs:

– The programme kicks off with the ‘Big Idea’
– After the ‘Big Idea’, generally there’s a ‘Relate Time’ in smaller groups doing activities and having conversations. We then rejoin at the end for the response time where we reflect on the morning that has been, pray, and worship God
– The Auditorium is the place for you to collect your primary school aged children. To keep our children safe, please come in to the Auditorium to pick them up.

Alice Louise and Christine look after this team and these children.

Alice Louise Mann
03 3384163 ext 244