Behaviour and Safety

Every child can have a bad day and our programs won’t always hit the mark for a particular child on any particular day.
After all the usual attempts for a win – win have been exhausted, the team leader will make the decision to go find the parents.

We will do our best to ensure our programs are engaging, relational, cater to a range of ages, learning styles and preferred spiritual pathways.

In saying that our programs are designed and leaders are trained for mainstream behaviour.

We are keen to work with parents for more challenging behaviour and higher needs. We want to be inclusive as possible, at the same time balancing the learning needs of everyone and the capacity of our volunteers. Generally speaking when we work together we can tackle most needs.

Safety is paramount for Sunday School – all kinds of safety – spiritual, emotional and physical just to name a few.

We work hard to keep Sunday school a secure and safe environment for everyone.

We commit to regularly train our staff and volunteers – an ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

Key Safety Points

– Sign in process is essential – it is done by the child with their leaders.  Among other things the lists are used in case of emergency.
– We do not have a formal sign out system,  we simply do not release the children at the end of the programs until the parents collect their children.
– Our gatherings are open to the public and parents need to take responsibility for their children accordingly.
– We do take photos and videos during the program. Please let us know if you do not want this to happen for your child.
– Our staff are first aid trained, if there’s an accident they will deal with the first response and then will come and find you or call your phone if we can’t find you amongst the crowd. We suggest you put your phone on ‘vibrate’.  Please do not leave the building while your child is in any of our Sunday school programs.
– Children are taken to toilets with an adult or leader to guide them.

Together we can make a fun and safe environment for our children to flourish.  If you notice something that looks concerning or has potential for a safety issue, please let our staff know who will be happy to hear from you and take appropriate action.