Intermediates on Sundays

We run a programme called YG Lounge in Cobham Street Hall. They start in church with everyone else for 10 mins then we head out to our own programme. We run this programme similar to our youth group programme. Free time with foose ball, air hockey, sports, board games, then go into some group icebreaker games. We then have a God spot where a leader shares a bible story or personal story, then we go into small groups to answer a couple of questions. We then finish again with free time so we can hang out and bond together!

Years 7-10 are critical developmental ages in which you simply cannot invest to much in. We have a lot on offer here to take advantage of and sow into.

YG/Intermediates has three parts:

We also have our 24-7 YouthWorkers in Middleton Grange, Hillmorton High, South Intermediates and Cashmere Highs. We are part of the 24-7 YouthWork network, therefore have strong relationships with youthworkers in most public intermediate and high schools across Christchurch.
YG has a leadership development aspect and involves parents as a vital part of our whole of life development focus.

Wednesday night – 6-7.30pm
The Wednesday program starts with dinner then heads into the Gym. It is social, fun and shares Jesus in a particularly relevant way to your intermediate aged children and their friends. It is a great start to their youth years and youth group experience. Wednesday is a collection of children from across our Sunday morning programs, their friends, school mates and neighbours.

Sunday morning
Sunday morning complements this by extending the faith development focus.

Holly McCormack
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