Getting Involved

There are many ways you can be a part of making a lifelong difference in the life of a child through SWBC Sunday School.

How can I be involved?

Whether you are a teenager, young adult, parent, grandparent or whanau; there is a place for you on the team.
We have a team that volunteers on a regular basis that is able to help build relationship and a safety for our children plus a group who join us for special events or when they are able to.

There is nothing too small to offer – bring what you have and we will see God multiply it!

What does it mean to be on the team?

It means committing to:

  • creating a space of belonging for your group and pray for them.
  • being a role model – a real one, no one’s perfect!
  • being open to grow in yourself – mentally, spiritually and emotionally
  • being a great team member –  fulfilling responsibilities, communication with leaders, using your initiative.

Who is it for?

For all ages and stages from Year 9 to aged 99!

We ask all our leaders to:

  • be in some kind of growing discipleship environment themselves
  • complete an application form which includes a police vetting
  • abide by our safety procedures.