Sarona Trust

Sarona is a mental illness recovery service that was started by people at South West Baptist Church. It is Christian-based community providing a family environment, supporting residents’ recovery through physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Who can come?
In our two facilities, Sarona Community Trust can support 9 adult (18 – 65 years) residents recovering from a mental illness. These places are allocated by the Residential Options Group of the CDHB so Sarona has government contracts. Another 4 rooms are available for carer support services, or other boarders who enjoy being part of our family.

Quality of Care
Our friendly, well-trained staff provide a 24 hr service and are committed to working towards the best possible outcome for each resident. All have supervision and on-going training as part of their professional development.

The programmes have been developed to meet the needs of the individual residents’ goals, promoting the skills and self-confidence needed for independence. They cover:
Personal: self-care, budgeting, cooking, housekeeping, sewing, gardening, diet and nutrition and exercise.
Self development:  self awareness and esteem, personal development sessions and spiritual growth, hobbies, informal study of personal interests and care of animals (doves, hens and pets). A professional artist tutors weekly and guest speakers inform residents of supports available in the wider community.
Employment and education: basic computer skills, attendance at community based activities and educational courses with a variety of providers, can lead into voluntary and part-time work.
Recreational opportunities: swimming, walking, social outings, weekend outings and holidays.

The House
The historic Hoon Hay Homestead was purchased when the founders recognised the healing potential of quietness, serenity and a beautiful environment. The house is comfortable and spacious. There are two lounges and a family dining room warmed by a log burner. Residents each have their own room. A workshop, art studio and gym room are located in adjacent buildings. Fire equipment is up to date.

The Gardens
The house is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that encourage residents to enjoy quiet spaces for relaxation. There are seats beside the rock garden, the pond and on the veranda. The fountain and dovecotes provide soothing sounds. Pets, doves and the hen house offer opportunities to learn to care for animals. A weekly gardening programme teaches residents the skills needed to manage a garden, and the resulting fruit and vegetables provide food for the table. Residents also propagate plants for sale.

History of Sarona
Rainer and Margaret Kuprecht had the vision to offer a home where people who were struggling could experience God’s love in a family setting. The Hoon Hay Homestead was purchased in 1986 and renamed Sarona. The name comes from the ‘Rose of Sharon’, a plant that blooms in the difficult conditions of the deserts of Israel.
Sarona Community is now a Charitable Trust administered by its own Board (est 1991) and staffed by qualified personnel. The Trust is under the umbrella of South West Baptist Church community ministries.


As residents become more confident, they may move across the road to Goldhaven. This additional, four bedroomed home provides the opportunity for residents to increase the skills necessary for flatting, while they still have the support of Sarona staff. The gardens at Goldhaven have also been carefully landscaped.

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