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Origin Sport operates on numerous fronts and provides services to a wide range of people in the local communities in the south west of Christchurch. We engage with five local primary schools, sports clubs, community groups and regional sporting organisations. Origin Sport was established in 2011 with the main aim being to provide the opportunity for Year 3 and 4 children to participate in team sport. It’s focus is on keeping grass roots sport local and available to all.

We operate on three major fronts:

Delivering – sports programmes to schools, community groups, popular holiday programmes and clinics

Brokering – this means helping teams, schools, individuals and groups to find equipment, space to train or play in and connecting those children and adults to the right people/places to progress their sporting interests

Developing – all of our programmes aim to develop positive experiences in sport for all abilities. For some, this means developing basic skills and showing them how sport can help with their health and fitness. For others we look to develop their skills, pushing those capable to achieve at a higher level. This could include training coaches and referees, both high school students’ looking to make a career in sport or adults looking to support their own children in their school sports teams.

Find out more about what we do:
In School Lessons
Weekly Sports Round Robin
End of Term Tournaments

Touch Module
Our Touch module will get underway once again in Term 4. To register please click here for Juniors and here for Open Social. or contact Greg Spence.

Greg Spence – Origin Sport Coordinator
027 2104379
03 3384163 ext 207