Our Junior area which is located at the front of the Preschool building on Lyttelton street, caters for 24 children aged approximately two and a half through to approximately three and a half years old.

This area is attractive and well-resourced with continuous access to both inside and outside areas that allows children to have a free choice of playing environments. We provide a richly resourced curriculum to encourage children’s thinking and learning while they create, imagine and grow in confidence.

Our experienced teachers incorporate Christian values and principles into the daily programme and their relationships with children, families and each other. We have a play-based, interest led programme.

We offer  up to 20 hrs ECE (to all children aged three and over) with a maximum of six hours free per day.
Our fee structure is available onsite.  We intentionally keep our fees low to support our local community families.


Hours: 8.00am – 4.30pm

8.00  Indoor/Outdoor activities in the Nursery area
8.30  Main group starts arriving. Early starters move through to the Junior area.
Indoor /Outdoor Activities *
9.30  Mat time
9.45  Morning Tea
10.00  Indoor/Outdoor activities continue. Toileting and nappy changing.
11.45  Karakia and Waiata time.
11.50  Lunch – Farewell morning-only children **
12.10  Inside/Outside activities. Toileting and nappy changing.
Sleep time for those needing a sleep **
2.00  Mat time
2.15  Afternoon Tea
2.30  Inside/outside activities. Clean up. Farewell children
3.30  Main group leave. All remaining children join together in the Junior area for a combined time.
 * Activities are available during the day as appropriate to
the age of the children attending.
** Sleeping and meal times are flexible depending on the
children’s normal routines.