Trustees of Building Blocks Community Trust

The Trustees of the Building Block Community Trust form the governing body of the  Building Blocks Community Kindergarten, Spreydon Baptist Community Early learning Centres (Preschool and Kindergarten) and The Lighthouse Preschool and Nursery.

The Trust is under the umbrella of South West Baptist Church and are located on or near the Spreydon and Halswell sites.

Meetings are held generally once a month, dates and location are available on request  by emailing



Sandra Jamieson


I joined the Trust in July 2011. I am a member of South West Baptist Church. I am married to Alan and we have two children who have provided us with 4 grandchildren. When I started our oldest grandson was happily established in the ‘Juniors’. He has now moved on to Intermediate and his younger sister, having been through our preschool and kindergarten has just started school. I have been involved in education for many years as a teacher and in management, and now as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour. I have a passion for the wellbeing of our children and know that being part of a local community is a strong predictor of wellbeing. It is a pleasure to be involved with preschools that have a good reputation and are focused on our community.


Peter Sauer


I joined the Trust in June 2013. I am a member of South West Baptist Church and our family is involved in and passionate about our Local neighborhood Community in Hoon Hay. I am married to Suzie and we have three daughters who transitioned through the  SBC preschool and kindy and on to our local Hoon Hay primary school. I work in the education sector at tertiary level

Chris H

Chris Habinshuti


My name is Chris Habinshuti. I’m married to Paul and have two mostly delightful little people called Benji and Hana.  Benji attended the preschool here but is now at Aidenfield Primary and Hana currently hangs out in the SBC Kindy.   I work part time as an English language tutor and educational developer at Ara and also do some youth work supervision for some local 24/7 youth workers.  It’s a privilege to be on the BBCT board.  I’m looking forward to connecting with the staff more and am excited about the Trust’s potential and community impact it has.

Grant C

Grant Chivers


I am the 018 Manager at SWBC which basically means I have something to do with Children and Youth at South West Baptist Church. I am married to Emma and have 3 kids; Serayah, Jazz and Micah.  I have been involved with Trusts, youth work and children’s work of varying sorts for the last 25 years and have a passion to see young people flourish and grow into healthy adults with a strong faith. Emma and I spent 3 years on the mission field working with YWAM in southern Africa in our life before kids so our passions are youth, children, missions and family- along with a great cup of coffee.



My name is Warren Read. I’m married to Sharon and have a daughter Charlotte. Both Sharon & Charlotte are working in preschools so I sometimes help with resources. I am good with scissors!!
I am a Pastor at SWBC and have been the chair of the Acorn Trust until it merged with the Building Blocks Trust in 2019. My community is Knights Stream Park in Halswell where I chair the board for the local primary school. Knights Stream Primary school opened in 2019 and I was fortunate to also chair the Establishment Board that set up the new school.




Halswell Site

I am the Centre Manger at The Lighthouse Pre-school and Nursery, a position I have held since December 2005. I am a qualified and registered Early Childhood Educator and have been in the ECE world since I trained in the 1980’s. I owned a preschool in Merivale for seven years and then did admin for another preschool part time. I am married to Derek and have 3 children – Grace, Oscar and Noah. I feel honoured to lead the Lighthouse team and am passionate about striving to provide the best possible environment and experiences for the children and families we serve.

For more information about the Lighthouse Preschool and Nursery


chris REid


Spreydon Site

I have been employed by the Building Blocks Community Trust since July 2002, starting as a trainee, learning from the bottom up as a training and after qualifying moving into a full time teaching then Team leading role in the Nursery. I was appointed to the role of Director in July 2006 which included 9 years (2005-2014) as a Trustee. My passion has always been with children and families, helping them to reach their full potential.

I am a member of the South West Baptist Church and the Hoon Hay neighborhood community. I have one daughter who has grown up in this Centres environment and my husband Murray was employed as the maintenance person for several years. We are blessed to have been operating for well over 30 years and I am pleased to be able to continue to support our staff who are committed to our shared Mission, Vision and Values with SWBC.