What Can I Do?

Every follower of Jesus is invited to be part of God’s plan of spreading the good news of his kingdom among the poor and unreached around the world. So we all have a decision to make: stay or go.

If you feel called by God to stay here in New Zealand:

  • Consider the ways you can be involved locally in what South West is doing around the world. Praying and offering financial support is where we encourage everyone to begin the journey.  To help you pray check out our Global nights held bi-monthly, and our people’s newsletters from the Welcome Centre.
  • Talk with your community to develop new ways to be involved: perhaps different ways of consuming, advocating, or doing business. You could also take a trip to visit our people overseas and see what they are doing.

Perhaps you feel God is calling you overseas. If you want to do this long term as part of the global work of South West there is a ‘preparation pathway’ for you to complete, and you will need to be approved by the church leadership and elders. Email us and we can begin a conversation.

South West has two ways of supporting you to go.

  • With an agency: We have a long history of partnering with various mission agencies working with the poor and unreached. We can help connect and support you with the agency best suited to your call. The agency you go with would oversee your work and be the primary source of pastoral care. South West commits to supporting you financially and with pastoral care both overseas and in New Zealand.
  • With South West Baptist Church Global site: This is new. People from South West have relocated from New Zealand to be part of a community in Asia. We are working together towards creating redemptive communities as we walk the journey of learning to love God, each other and our neighbours. South West is committed to lasting transformation in both local and Global communities. South West commits to supporting you through financial support and pastoral care both in New Zealand and overseas.

These two options are how we work together as a church. Of course, many South West people are involved globally in ways other than this. We have people who finance their own time overseas, use their skills and time globally, or support various causes, movements and organisations. This is great! South West can be greatly encouraged by the myriad of ways our people are involved around the world.

John Robertson
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