Worship Resources

Here you’ll find lyrics, chord charts, lead sheets and the piano scores for the songs from our EP – Welcome the Stranger. You can also find lyric videos on our YouTube channel.

King Of All

King Of All – Lyrics
King Of All – Chords
King Of All – Lead Sheet

You Are Holy

You Are Holy – Lyrics
You Are Holy – Chords
You Are Holy – Lead Sheet

Fire In The Night

Fire In The Night – Lyrics
Fire In The Night – Chords
Fire In The Night – Lead Sheet

He Korōria

He Korōria – Lyrics
He Korōria – Chords
He Korōria – Lead Sheet
He Korōria – Piano Score

Welcome The Stranger

Welcome The Stranger – Lyrics
Welcome The Stranger – Chords
Welcome The Stranger – Lead Sheet

E Te Atua Aroha

E Te Atua Aroha – Lyrics
E Te Atua Aroha – Chords
E Te Atua Aroha – Lead Sheet
E Te Atua Aroha – Piano Score