Words from the Cross

We all walk through many doors every day. Different types of doors, leading to many different places. From inside to outside, from one room to another, open doors, closed doors, gateways, archways and openings. 

We move from one space into another, we cross thresholds, we inhabit – even if only momentarily – those liminal spaces, those ‘between’ spaces that are neither one place nor another, neither in nor out, standing on the threshold of revelation… 

The cross itself is a doorway, a liminal space between death and life, sin and grace, despair and salvation, time and eternity. And from that space upon the cross Jesus speaks to us: words of comfort, of promise, of forgiveness, of despair, of invitation. 

Join us this Easter as we examine the doors in our lives, cross over the threshold of Calvary and listen to words of the One who opens to us the door of eternal life. 

February 2110am & 7pmForgivenessAlan Jamieson
February 2810am & 7pmParadiseSteve Withington
March 710am & 7pmRelationshipDuane Major
March 1410am & 7pmHumanityJo Robertson
March 2110amDistressJohn Robertson
March 2810amPalm Sunday
7pmPalm Sunday
April 210amGood FridayAlan Jamieson
April 410amEaster SundayAlan Jamieson