Christmas Appeal

This year our Christmas Appeal is going towards World Vision’s work in South Sudan.

Children danced and celebrated in the streets of South Sudan when the country gained independence from Sudan in 2011, after a 22-year civil war. But seven years on, these children’s hopes and dreams have turned to despair as famine, drought and civil war robs them of the future they’d dreamed of. In 2013, South Sudan’s government coalition collapsed, erupting into conflict. This has been ongoing, despite numerous peace deals. South Sudan is now the most fragile state in the world.

Four million people have been forced to flee their homes because of fighting that started in late 2013, and thousands are still fleeing. There are 1.9 million internally-displaced people, with many living in refugee camps with people from surrounding countries, including Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan and Ethiopia. More than 82% of these people are women or children. 7.6 million people lack basic life necessities, such as water, sanitation and shelter.

World Vision is supporting over 10,000 people in a refugee camp in Equatoria, South Sudan, working to provide access to health care, education services, and water and sanitation facilities. They are also focused on restoring children’s basic rights and protecting them from potential abuse and exploitation, so that children can begin to recover from trauma they may have witnessed due to circumstances beyond their control.

Every $1 donated provides vulnerable children and families with $5 worth of aid through World Vision’s partnership with organisations like the United Nations.

There are three ways you can provide financial assistance to this fund:

1. Cash and Cheques

There will be envelopes provided in our Sunday gatherings during December and on Christmas Eve to donate cash and cheques. Please add your donation number if you wish to claim to claim a tax rebate.

2. Online Banking

Please pay into our church global account:

Name of Account: South West Baptist Church
Account Number: 020820 0247412 003
Particulars: WorldVision
Code: Donation#### (put your donation number here if applicable)

3. Credit Card

There will be a form provided in our Sunday gatherings during December and on Christmas Eve to donate via credit card. This will be processed by World Vision in mid-January. They will send a tax receipt at the end of the financial year.