(verb) to stretch forward, reach out, anticipate.

Anticipation is a key posture for God’s people at all times.

We anticipate, we are expectant, we reach forward primarily because God moves. He is a God who is always acting, always moving, always present in the world, bringing the kingdom into being – by moving, healing, calling, comforting, redeeming, restoring.

And as his followers we anticipate, we look forward to, we seek out his movements, his presence. We live in anticipation of the movement of his Spirit because we are called to participate in his kingdom work. Anticipation leads to participation.

It is not a static anticipation, a mere waiting, an inactive, passive ‘standing by,’ doing nothing while waiting for God to act. Active anticipation leads to active participation. We anticipate that God will move; and one way he moves is in us, stirring us up, prompting us, calling us, leading us to others.

Whakaneinei is a key element in the Christmas story: the coming of the Messiah, the fulfilment of God’s promises and the prophesied anointed one coming to save us and redeem creation.

This Christmas season, anticipate with us.

Ethical Christmas Market – On Saturday November 26 come and #buyfair!

Christmas Appeal – This year our Christmas Appeal is going towards World Vision’s work in Afghanistan.

Christmas Services – Join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus at one of our Christmas Services.