West Spreydon

The West Spreydon neighbourhood broadly covers Frankleigh Street to Lincoln Road, Barrington Street to the river/Hoon Hay Road.

There are more than 200 people from our church who live in that little area and a number of them are involved at various levels. We are really keen to connect and involve people so they feel at home here.

Our weekly prayer meetings are probably the most regular things we do and are probably the best way to catch the heart beat and the happenings of the area. Everyone is welcome – the more the merrier!

There is also an open invitation for our South West Baptist family to join the list on “Connect” to be in the loop locally. Information about the various initiatives and groups that happen will be communicated through “Connect” once a month. These things include dinners, working bees, home groups, alpha courses, prayer needs and information about our global commitments. This connect list will help people know who’s who and what’s on, so that we can look out for each other in our little neighbourhood.

If you would like to find out more about us, please contact us.

Dave Langrell