Local Connection Project

At this time, connecting with each other has never been so important. We’ve developed the Local Connection Project to better look after our people, setting up a network of care and connection for our church whānau across the city.

We believe that connecting with people where we live really matters. We hope to have ‘Local Connectors’ in each part of the city, people who keep in touch with a few households in their area. We want to make sure no one is overlooked or left out.

Local Connectors choose the level of care they can offer, ranging from an occasional phone call to journeying alongside people. They will be given training and ongoing support as they look out for others in their area.

We also have Central Connectors – people who connect with those in areas who don’t currently have a Local Connector, and those who have just started connecting in with our church.

We’d love to have more Local and Central Connectors to help with care and connection on the ground. If you think this is something you could do (we’d ask you to keep in touch with just 5 households), or if you’d like more information, contact local@swbc.org.nz.