Wānanga Week

(noun) seminar, conference, forum, educational seminar.

Wānanga Week is happening from July 4 – 11 and is a time to help us consider how we – the church, the body of Jesus – respond to the world around us and journey together towards kingdom transformation in the places we live.  

It’s about helping all of us to find our feet within the story of what Jesus is doing in our neighbourhoods. Throughout the week there’ll be many different ways to connect in. We’ll be sharing kai in neighbourhoods, swapping stories, and creating space to kōrero about different topics facing our world and how we can respond. 

Here’s how the week will look:

Experience: Local Neighbourhood Dinners
Sunday July 4 5.00pm | $5
Neighbourhoods around the south west of Christchurch hosting dinners. It’s a chance to share some kai, meet others, and swap stories.
Find out more and sign up here.

EVENING: Grounding ourselves in the story of what God is doing
Monday July 5 7.00pm | $5 | Addington Coffee Co-op
Jo Robertson and Steve Withington share their understanding of the big story of what God’s up to, and how we can participate in that.
Find out more and sign up here.

EVENING: The Church and responding to the #Metoo movement
Tuesday July 6 7.00pm | $5 | Addington Coffee Co-op
Daphne Marsden will be sharing her reflections from her paper ‘Responding to the #MeToo Movement’.
Find out more and sign up here.

EVENING: Enneagram 101
Wednesday July 7 7.00pm | $5 | Addington Coffee Co-op
Emma Blakelock introduces the Enneagram as a tool for understanding yourself and relationships with others.
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EVENING: God and Real Estate
Thursday July 8 7.00pm | $5 | Addington Coffee Co-op
Duane Major will host a conversation on the state of housing in our nation and where God is at work, and looking forward to what’s next.
Find out more and sign up here.

EVENING: A Te Tiriti partnership journey – looking back and looking forward
Friday July 9 7.00pm | $5 | Addington Coffee Co-op
A conversation hosted by Ohu Arataki, advocate group for the Te Tiriti (The Treaty of Waitangi) partnership journey at South West Baptist Church.
Find out more and sign up here.

Our Sunday gatherings on July 4 and July 11 will also be part of our Wānanga Week, looking at grace and freedom.