Is the Spectacular on rain or shine?
Yes – assume it’s on no matter what. If there are any changes to this we’ll be in touch.

When can we arrive from?
Our programme will kick off from 10am on Saturday – come out and join us any time that morning.

When does the Spectacular finish?
After brunch on Monday February 6, or when we’ve cleaned up (whichever comes last!)

Are day visitors allowed?
The Spectacular is totally about us all being there for the whole weekend. However if you just absolutely can’t make the whole weekend, then day passes are available. If you are coming out for just the Saturday, you must still register before registrations close and pay the appropriate fees.

Our Sunday morning gathering on February 5 will be held at the Spectacular at 10.00am. You do not need to register or pay if you are just coming out for the Sunday gathering.

Who can come?
The Spectacular is a camp for anyone connected with any part of South West Baptist Church – all are welcome! It’ll be even more Spectacular if you are there.

Is sponsorship available?
Yes. We want as many people to come to the Spectacular as possible. If money is really tight, we have some sponsorship money to help subsidise your fee. Tick the sponsorship box on the registration form and we’ll be in touch.

If you can afford to donate to the sponsorship fund then you can do so when you register.

What will we be doing?
The Spectacular will be a great place to relax, connect with others in our South West community, make new friends, learn more about God and have heaps of fun in the process.

With the beach on our doorstep plus a quiz night, cafe, ice-creams, outdoor meetings, sports, prayer times, big games, a shared brunch, bouncy castles and a family disco … there is something to inspire everyone and plenty on offer for the kids too.

Where can I find a programme for the Spectacular?
Coming soon – watch this space!

Can I help?
Yes! We’ll need lots of hands to help make this happen. Get in touch with us on spectacular@swbc.org.nz.

What if I’ve registered and then can’t make it?
If for some reason you can no longer make it out to the Spectacular, please get in touch!


Can I bring a caravan / campervan?
Yes. If you are requesting power, see the question about power below.

Can I have access to a power outlet?
There is an option to request power when you register. A few things to note:

1. Please ensure that only one person in your caravan / tent requests power

2. As we’re sure you’ll understand, there are limited power outlets available on the site so not all requests can be granted.

3. You MUST use and supply your own caravan plug adaptor and RCD shock protection.

4. We’ll let you know if you have power a couple of weeks out from the Spectacular, once all requests have been processed.

Will there be communal marquees?
Yes, there will be several marquees setup for communal use.

How do I get a cabin?
A limited number of shared cabins are available on a first come/needs basis. As these cabins are shared, you’ll have a bed/bunk in a cabin with other people. If you need a cabin, then let us know when you register and we’ll do our best! There will be an additional charge of $30 per adult for this.

If you have a medical condition/family situation (e.g. newborn child) that requires a cabin, let us know when you register.

Is glamping allowed?
Yes, you are welcome to bring everything including the kitchen sink.


What about food?
The Spectacular is self-catered (apart from our Shared Brunch on Monday – that is all provided for you!). Get together with your neighbours and friends and plan a feast for the weekend! The camp shop will be open for milk and other supplies.