Noho Marae – Young Adults

Here in Aotearoa, we’re on a Te Tiriti partnership journey. It’s a learning journey, with plenty of questions asked along the way. Questions like ‘How does this journey shape our understanding of how God speaks to all people and through all people?’ And ‘How does this shape us as a particular group of people in a particular place? ’

Come and join the conversation with others who are keen to listen and learn. It’s not just a weekend trip, but a learning journey over a month (ish). There’ll be combined sessions to listen to stories, books to read, and spaces for us to chat. Then we’ll head to the beautiful Ōnuku marae from November 20-21. 

This is for young adults aged 17-25 years. If you have been 25 at any point in this year, you’re welcome along (even if you’ve aged up!) Whether you’re a young adult just starting out on this journey, or you’ve been exploring it for a while, all are welcome.