Baptist Hui 2019

From November 6 – 10 we are hosting the Baptist Hui 2019. This is a coming together of Baptist pastors from all over New Zealand. It is our first time hosting at South West Baptist Church, and we’re really excited for it!

Baptists in New Zealand have a deep love for Jesus and an overwhelming confidence in the power of his Gospel to bring renewal to people and places.

To see this achieved it is crucial that our communities of faith are healthy— with leadership that is robust, mission that is effective, disciples that are growing, and resources that are healthy. Hui 2019 will be a time of working together to ensure we have the foundations in place so we can do both local and global mission well.

Our Hui focus is Kia Tupu Whakaritorito—positioning ourselves to thrive. Drawing on the concept of the centre shoot of a flax, this eludes to newness, growth, wellness and thriving! 

It is exciting for us to be hosted by South West Baptist Church. Thank you for the warm welcome and for all the hard work you are doing on our behalf. 

Charles Hewlett
Baptist National Leader

We’d love you to be a part of Hui – you can sign up to volunteer by emailing Whether you’re 5 or 95 there will be a role for you! This is a great chance to sign up with your SYC care group, home group or Neighbourhood Community and pitch in together.

Sandy Hector