Last week the church Elders brought together a small advisory group of experienced and skilled people to help us navigate our on going relationships with Muslim families, the Muslim community and leaders at the mosques. We asked Richard Smith who has worked in Bangladesh for many years, Diane Goodman who worked in Chad and Pakistan plus Murray Robertson to form this group. This advisory group will be available to help communities connecting with Muslim families, the church Elders and will help resource the church as a whole. I met with them today and we talked about bringing together resources to help groups and individuals in our understanding of how we as followers of Jesus can connect with Muslim believers. Specifically, what are our points of commonality, connection and positive conversation. We are keen to build bridges with the Muslim community and further support and connect with the Muslim families we already have strong relationships with.

We are planning to bring together a brief information sheet for our church newsletter in a couple of weeks time and are planning for two information gatherings. At these information gatherings you will be able to ask questions and explore understandings with our advisory group. The first of these times will probably be around lunch on Sunday April 28. More details to follow.