Justice Issue

Over recent months our media has run several articles on Australia’s Department of Home Affairs policy of repatriating citizens of other countries at the end of prison sentences.  Those with New Zealand citizenship are sent here even though they have spent most, or in some cases all their lives in Australia.

Although some may have family and friends here in New Zealand, a media report from earlier this year focused on a 26 year old born in the Cook Islands.  As such, he is a New Zealand citizen.  He went to live with his family in Australia as a preschooler never living in New Zealand.  Some like this individual are deported to a place where they may have no connections at all.

Perhaps SWBC could be involved in offering help and support to those now numbering into the thousands who have failed Australia’s “character test”.  In the same way that we’ve responded to refugee issues, perhaps SWBC, other Baptist churches and those from other denominations can respond positively to this issue and allow Jesus to look good and God’s kingdom to increase as we assist these exiles one at time.

If you are interested in finding out more about this issue and ways that we can pray for and assist those affected, please contact Peter.