Global Week

We’ve come to the end of Global Week, and what an amazing time it was. Night Market was a great success with many different sounds and smells filling the building. Tim Costello spoke on Jesus’ call to love our enemies, and what that means for the building of God’s community and the mission of the church. Then to have Ants and Dola share was a real privilege, to hear such a strong multi-generational story of hope. To have both Ants and Dola in the country was a miracle in itself, the result of much prayer and paperwork.

Twelve months ago the amount promised to Global was $504,000. The final donations came in at $580,000. This is a church that has been faithfully giving to our global work for 45 years, and exceeding the budget for every one of those years.  If you aren’t already, we’d love you to be a part of it. Chat with our Info Centre on Sundays about how you can support our global work, financially or through prayer.