2018 Ministry Starting Dates

  Starting Date
Children’s Ministries February 11
Foot Clinic February 7
The Lighthouse Preschool January 15
Keep Active Halswell Tuesday January 16
Keep Active Halswell Wednesday February 14
Keep Active Halswell Friday January 19
Keep Active Spreydon Monday January 29
Keep Active Spreydon Thursday February 1
Living Apart February 8
Living Room January 21
Music and Movement February 14
Play Group February 13
Play Gym February 15
Ricecube February 2
SHARP Holiday Programme January 15
SHARP After School January 31
South West English Classes Halswell February 14
South West English Classes Wigram February 8
Spreydon Preschools January 15
SYC Start Up Day January 27
SYC International February 2
Tuesday Christian Fellowship February 13
Teen Parenting Course February 20
Women’s Network Group February 1