Over the last few months we have been investigating a part-time role of ‘Gatherings leader’. This is a leadership role for our ‘key whole church gatherings’. That is when we gather as a whole church for key events. Specifically we are talking about our Sunday gatherings, big events like Christmas, Easter and Global Missions week. Plus less regular but significant whole church events like our summer camps.

The person in this role will lead our Sunday morning gatherings so they will work closely with Ros and the teams that bring together our services.  Over the next year they will also slowly work through how best to support Matt Barus  and the Sunday evening teams.

The Gatherings Leader will report to Alan and is effectively picking up some of the leadership role Alan has been doing in the morning services and Ants in the evening services.

The great news is that we have found a very skilled, experienced and passionate person to lead this very important part of the church and they have said ‘Yes’….. Fantastic news. Praise God!

Our church teams

What teams make up the church staff (paid and unpaid) ?

Core Leadership Team (CLT) who lead the church reporting to Alan, as Senior Pastor, under the Church Elders.

  • Care Team – who look after pastoral care, seniors ministries, Tuesday Christian Fellowship, marriage and relationship ministries and coordinate  with the Trusts that also focus in the care areas.
  • Big Team – who look after our Local community life, Global Mission, Sunday evening services and Young Adults.
  • 018 Team – who look after all children and youth (0 to 18 years of age) ministries of the church and link in with trusts that also focus in this area.
  • Core services Team – who look after the property, IT/media, Finances, HR, Reception and Communications of the church.
  • Gatherings Team –  Up to now this has been a very small team of Alan and Ros. A few months ago we added some support hours from Erin and now the Gatherings Leader will be stepping in allowing Alan to pull back.