Comfortable Numbness

I’m a baby boomer. As such I am one of the most wealthy, best educated, privileged and pampered generation ever to live on earth. But sadly, my generation is also the most self-serving generation every to live.

When I look at my kids and, now, my grand kids, I am hugely embarrassed by my own generation and what we, predominantly, have given our lives to in the west. Where did we get the idea that our personal comfort and happiness is the most important thing in the world? And, how could we ever justify this stance?

As a follower of Christ the predominant values and lifestyles of my generation are even more difficult to make sense of.

It’s as if we don’t have a big enough dream to live for, so we settle for lesser dreams – nice cars, boats, batches, a meal out etc. That is the sad part – our dream has become too small.

I remember coming back from the Solomon Islands a few years ago where I had been looking at a sanitation and water development in a very remote school, four hours boat ride from the end of the road. I was chatting with a friend back home who was talking about their dream to get a new motorbike. They asked me what I thought and I remember saying, probably before thinking, ‘Get a bigger dream’.

I guess it is something I’ve been praying about lately. I don’t want comfortable numbness. I don’t want to live for a small dream, I don’t want fear of failure or hardship to drag me into safe little dreams. I want the last quarter of my life to count for something I can believe in and my grand kids could admire.