Our Heart and God’s Heart

Our Heart and God’s Heart – No pain, no gain.

I went for a run this morning, something I enjoy but it also hurts. It’s the old “no gain without pain” adage. It got me wondering.

We talk a lot about the heart of God for the whole world and for all people everywhere. It is the heartbeat of our global mission work which has been a crucial part of the life of this church for decades. Every year, in September, when we focus on global mission we ask people to be part of the prayer support for particular people overseas and to be part of the financial support of those we have sent overseas.

We unashamedly ask for your support because we know this is God’s heart and our people depend on our support, specifically financial and prayer, to do what they do. But, that isn’t the main reason we ask you to be personally involved.

The main reason is for your sake. If we are going to grow as people and followers of Jesus then our hearts need to beat to the things that God’s heart is about. Crucial pathways to sensing God’s heart and being linked to God’s heart are through prayer and how we invest our money and time.

So when we pray for people around the world our heart draws closer to the heartbeat of God. When we give financial support our heart grows closer to God’s. When we give our time to support someone working overseas or visiting them or going on a short-term visit to support them our heart is expanded to take on a little bit more of God’s heart.

The old adage says about getting fit, that there is “no gain without pain.” In my experience it is the same with getting God’s heart concern’s into my heart. When we pray so it hurts a little, our hearts are opened wider to God’s. When we give so it is costly for us, then our hearts take on some of the heart of God. When we give our time we shouldn’t be surprised to find God meeting us and expanding our hearts further as God syncs our hearts to His heart.

We don’t take on the heart of God easily but praying, giving our money and time are pathways that link our heart to God’s heart. To grow our heart in line with God’s we have to hurt a bit. The pathways are praying till it hurts, giving that costs and personal support that nudges us from our comfortableness. There isn’t another way. If our prayer and giving is tokenism, our appreciation and connection to God’s heartbeat will be the same.