Our Vision

We are inspired by our long-held vision statement:

“To be a redemptive community, sharing the love of Christ in the world, by word, sign and deed; helping people become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.”

Over recent years we have seen this lived out in our emphasis to

  • Help people become life-long followers of Jesus
  • Catalysing a movement of redemptive communities everywhere for everyone

We value – love for God,
each other
and the world.

We believe God is calling each of us to know and follow his son Jesus Christ. But it doesn’t stop there. God calls us to each take slow deliberate steps toward deeper engagement with a people and a place. So we want to do our bit to help catalyse a movement of redemptive communities till there are redemptive communities everywhere for everyone.

About 20 years ago, the pastoral staff and elders sat down to try and articulate what was happening in our church. Three key biblical passages guided them: Luke 4:14-19, Acts 1:8 and Acts 2:42-47.

Luke 4 records Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, announcing His mission mandate to preach Good News to the poor, freedom to the imprisoned and oppressed, sight to the blind and a new era of favour as the Kingdom of God began to be established here on earth.

Acts 1 sees this Good News of God’s Kingdom being entrusted to the church empowered by the Spirit to participate in spreading this new Kingdom throughout their city, surrounding regions and eventually over the entire earth.

Acts 2 describes the outworking of this mandate as new communities are formed as the agent of this spreading Good News. They followed the teachings of Jesus, remembering His death and resurrection and the Spirit was at work in their midst as they devoted their lives together around prayer, sharing food and money, especially to those in need. God was praised, justice was evident and the world looked on with awe. These redemptive communities were signs of God’s new and coming Kingdom on earth, signs of hope that one day, all creation would be redeemed and put right.

Through these passages a picture of the fullness, completeness and vastness of God’s Kingdom was grasped. This Kingdom changes everything everywhere; individuals, communities, cities and the entire creation. Nothing is beyond its reach or authority. The Kingdom is coming here on earth just as it is in Heaven.

God is still forming redemptive communities on this earth where the Good News of a present and still coming Kingdom is preached, demonstrated and lived out. This is what was happening in and around our Church. We were being shaped into a redemptive community of faith, sharing the love of Jesus by word, sign and deed, helping people become life-long followers of Jesus.

As our church has grown over the past few decades, we have been formed into many different redemptive communities in families, homes, neighbourhoods and around ministries. We are part of God’s expanding movement of redemptive communities in places all over the world. Proclaiming God’s Kingdom, following the way of Jesus, empowered and guided by the Spirit in the hope, promise and assurance that one day God’s reign on earth would be full and complete. God will dwell with His people, there would be no more death, mourning, crying or pain. The old order will be completely gone and all will be new.

But we’re not there yet…

Until that day, our church will continue to be part of God’s movement of local redemptive communities everywhere, for everyone – going to wherever and whoever we are called to; the South West of Christchurch, our city, country and all over the world.