This team includes our Core Leadership Team and a wider group of pastors at the church.

The Core Leadership Team, or CLT, are a sub-set of church pastors who are responsible for the life of the whole Church and who individually have responsibilities for particular areas of the Church life.

Alan leads the CLT and the CLT lead the Church.

This is a replicative, team model of church leadership.

  Alan Jamieson – Senior Pastor
Alan leads our Core Leadership Team, Elders, the Gatherings team and the preaching/teaching life of the Church.
AmandaP    Amanda Parfitt – Executive Pastor
Amanda is part of our Core Leadership Team, and leads our Finance, Administration, HR, Communications, Property and IT teams.
Duane   Duane Major
Duane is part of our Core Leadership Team and leads the community and ministry life of our church. 
Grant Chivers   Grant Chivers
Grant is our ministry Pastor and has a key focus on discipleship.
Warran   Warren Read
Warren leads our Pastoral Care team.
Claire   Claire Russell
Claire resources the prayer life of the Church.