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West Papura Concern

Our SWBC bi-cultural group have become aware of and are deeply concerned about the Indonesian exploitation of West Papua and the injustices being inflicted on the indigenous people there, especially Christians. This group have raised this concern with the Elders of our church, with leaders of other Baptist churches in Canterbury Westland and the Baptist national body.

“As a church we became more aware of the plight of the West Papuan people when a Baptist leader from within West Papua visited and spoke at our church. Since then, through reading independent reports from organisations like Amnesty International our concern has heightened that the Indonesian government is actively oppressing the West Papuan people and this injustice is going un-noticed and unchallenged. We are calling our people to pray for and be supportive of those oppressed Christians, indigenous leaders and the West Papuan population.”

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End of Life Choice Bill

To read our church’s submission on The End of Life Choice Bill (Member’s Bill 269-1), click here.

Thank you to the 171 individuals who signed this submission.

The New Zealand Medical Association have also made a submission which can be read here – it makes for a interesting read.