We want to stay in touch with you because the news is changing quickly and we want to support you. We know from previous tragedies, that communities survive best when we work together to share and care.

The best sources of reliable information, updates and advice on COVID-19 in New Zealand are the Ministry of Health’s website and the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 website.

Announcements and information directly relevant to South West Baptist Church will be uploaded here.

We encourage you to tune in to our online gathering from 10.00am each Sunday morning. You can view these gatherings on our YouTube channel here.

We share communion together during these gatherings, so prepare with a cup of juice or water and some bread or a cracker so you can take part at home.

If you would like to play along with the worship for our online gatherings, you can download the chord charts here or learn with our guitar and ukulele video tutorials here.

Update Videos from our Senior Pastor
Head to our YouTube channel here to see our update videos from our Senior Pastor, Alan Jamieson. The latest video is below.

Our key principles going forward are:

Prayerful: Let’s stay close to God during this time.

Protective: We all need to follow government health advice.  We will be basing our decisions on this information. We want to do all we can to help control the spread of this virus.

Personal: As a church we want to personally stay in touch with you. So we will be phoning you, to hear how you are and to talk together.  Our phone list includes nearly 3000 names so this will take some time but we believe this is important. If you are not currently on our database and would like to be contacted, please sign up here. While we have to distance physically, we don’t have to distance socially.

Proactive: This is an opportunity to reach out to each other and those immediately around us. Download our flyer here to hand out to neighbours, offering to support each other through the COVID-19 situation.

If you have any stories, prayers, ideas you’d like us to consider, art, feedback or photos you’d like to contribute, please contact us at

If you’d like to be sent faith at home resources for children and families, get in touch with Rachel.

We’re praying for you, and we will make it through this together with God’s help.

Aroha nui.